Whether you need the finest Nylon, wool, polyester or saxony carpets Worksop, you can always count on Billy’s Carpet to deliver you the best rates and quality. And with our factory end of line carpets Worksop sale, you can get amazing discounts. Since this guide is about polyester, we will tell you what you can expect out of the polyester carpet by outline its pros and cons. So let’s dive right in:

Advantages of Polyester Carpet:

Installation Cost:

The best part of the polyester carpet is that it is much more affordable to install than the rest of the carpets. You can get it installed in the range of 0.7 GBP to 4.5 GBP per square foot which relatively lesser than other types of carpets that usually start from 2.5 GBP. Furthermore, you can get polyester carpet itself at very affordable prices from Billy’s Carpets because of our factory end of line carpets Worksop sale.

Colour Variety:

Polyester has the ability to dye well which is why it can have a wide variety of vibrant colour tones and many shade selections to choose from. And since it has the ability to dye well, it is also highly resistant to fading. So if you are someone that likes to choose from a variety of colours, you should give Polyester a try.

Very Soft and Less Static Electricity:

Polyester is popular for its velvety softness that is not only highly comfortable beneath the feet, it also feels lush and delivers a sense of luxury. Furthermore, you will have less problem with static electricity generation than many other carpet types.

Stain and Water Resistant:

One thing that pet owners and parents would find very useful in polyester carpet is that it is a lot more resistant to staining than other types of materials. And same goes for liquid spills, it dries faster than other materials and would function well in areas with a lot of humidity or frequent occurrence of spills like bathroom or kitchen.

Disadvantages of Polyester Carpet:

Less Durable:

Besides many benefits that polyester has to offer, it lacks in durability. Typically, polyester can last between 5 and 15 years in mid traffic areas. However, if you place it in high traffic areas, it will start to have wear and matting quicker. So, the life cycle of polyester heavily depends upon the amount of traffic it receives and how well you care for it.

Matting and Staining:

Once polyester is matted like under the furniture, its fibres stay pressed and do not spring back as other materials like Nylon do. Furthermore, it has a good stain resistance but oil-based stains would be difficult to remove and you may need professional assistance in cleaning such stains. There are other carpets at Billy’s Store such as the best Saxony carpets Worksop that can clean quicker.

Final Words:

Now that you know what to expect from polyester, you can easily decide whether to get it or look for another carpet. Whatever you decide, just remember that you can get any kind of carpet at Billy’s Store and since we are offering the best roll end carpets Chesterfield and the most affordable factory end of line carpers Chesterfield, you can get almost any carpet at up to 80% off RRP.