Choosing the right carpet for your living room

Carpets happen to be the most sought-after flooring option in the market because of the invaluable advantages they offer. Not only a carpet serves as an effective sound insulator, but it's warm and soft underfoot also provide you with a soothing sense of comfort and relaxation.

Although you can place them almost anywhere in your house or office, but living rooms are where carpets are mostly placed. Here at Billy’s Carpets, the best carpet shop Chesterfield, we believe in educating people so they can make better decision that agree with the overall aesthetic of their home. If you ever need to choose the carpet for your living room, considering the following points might be of help.

  • Pay attention to the colour of the carpet: Choosing the right colour combination for your carpet is dependent on the amount of light which enters your living room. If the room receives plenty of light, you should go for the darker colour For a modernised and smooth look, choose the colours that are beside one another as they will appear to complement each other adding grace.
  • Consider the size of the room: For a smaller room, carpets with lighter shades would be the most suitable. But if you decide to go for the darker colour, that will give you a warm and cozy feeling during the cold weather.
  • Appropriating with interiors and furniture: As you finalise the carpet, make sure it complements the other décor in the room. If the living room is already decorated with furniture, make sure the carpet tunes with rest of the interior. In a different situation when you are remodelling the house with fresh furniture, you can choose from a wide range of colour schemes to pick from.
  • Go with the flooring: As flooring happens to be the most noticeable of all interior items, you will need to select the carpet that will help you set the space as you want it to be. For a lively and relaxed space, pay attention to the colour scheme of the carpet. Also, your color tones will reflect your overall personality. So, pay special attention to that.
  • Kids, pets, and carpet colour: With a house that has kids and pets, it would be a mistake to opt for the lighter colour carpets as all the stains and mud would be outright visible, making the carpet-and the room look dirtier. With darker colours, the level of tidiness is easy to maintain as mud and stains are concealed. Darker colour living room carpets are also maintenance-friendly for hosting large gatherings and guests.
  • Ask for an opinion from others: You may be quite confused about which colour scheme you should go for. It may help to seek advice from other family members who are going to live there. Their ideas and choices may make the decision easier for you.

When buying a carpet, be mindful of some very important ‘don’ts’. For example, before you finalise the decision to buy a carpet, make sure you have your toddler and pets under control. For a family with a pet or a toddler, a costly carpet would be pretty difficult to sustain as you may not be able to maintain trampling on a regular basis. Lastly, if you need any type of carpet for your home, there are many carpet stores Chesterfield but here at Billy’s Carpets, we provide best carpet deals in whole Chesterfield. So you are more than welcome to come here and let us help you in choosing the perfect carpet for your home.

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