Carpets come in huge varieties in terms of style and colours. But you can’t really pick one for your house. There are a lot of other factors involved that are equally important to be mindful of. One of the key considerations to bear in mind is what kind of traffic your carpet will endure?

If it is a private and restricted area in the house like your study, you can pick a delicate and expensive carpet for that room. However, with kids and pets running over, you do not want to place a costly carpet in that area. You’ll end up replacing the carpet with the one you should have gone for earlier!

The areas in your house that bear the heaviest foot traffic include entrances, exit, and hallways. Billy’s Full house carpet deals Newbold encompass all types of carpets that can help you pick up the right kind of carpet for heavy foot traffic at your place.  

If you are in need to select the best kind of carpets to fit the appropriate traffic, here’s what you should keep in mind.

Short Pile Carpets

These carpets offer the maximum durability. They are made up of short fibres which enable them to conceal the stain marks. Their fibres are short meaning there’s less carpet to be compressed when someone stands on them increasing their strength and durability.

Woollen Carpets

If you prefer stuff made out of natural ingredients, carpets made out of wool could be the perfect choice for you. Made exclusively out of wool fibres, this carpet is an excellent resistant to fire and stains. The wool fibre is ideal for placement under heavy foot traffic. The wool bounces back that makes the wool carpet far more durable and immune to crushing and losing shape.

Remember, however, that wool carpets are some of the luxurious items out there making them heavy on the budget. But they’re definitely worth spending on!

Level Loop Pile

This carpet has all of its fibres cut at the same height. This helps loop stay in place forming a closely knit level loop pile. The benefit of this carpet is that all sorts of dirt can be easily vacuumed out of this carpet. This means level loop carpets aren’t easily discoloured even in the longer run. This carpet is also quite useful against heavy foot traffic.

Frieze Carpet

This is the carpet with tightly twisted fibres that are cut at a short length. A frieze carpet is believed to be an affordable alternative to famous short pile carpets.

This carpet helps you clean the dirt arising from the heavy foot traffic.

A frieze carpet adeptly hides any footprint marks left on the carpet far better than a typical longer cut pile carpet.

After having a careful glance at the specification of each carpet against massive foot traffic, it can be hoped that you will be able to make the right choice. In any case, you can take further consultation from an expert at Billy’s Carpet if you are looking for the best cheap carpets Newbold.

We hope this article has been helpful.

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