You’re not the only one confused about what to do and what not to do when selecting the carpet for your stair. Though most of us want to carpet our stairs, the real trick is selecting the right one. A good carpet is one that not only offers you colour and style but is also durable and thick. Also, make sure to check out deals exciting deals offered by one of the finest carpet stores old Whittington, Billy’s Carpets. With that being said, let’s talk about the things you should keep in mind when choosing the carpet for your stairs:

  • Safety is important. Selecting the stair carpet is challenging. You may naturally be tempted to skip the process and go for hardwood flooring instead. Well, that’s not advised at all. You should at least get a stair runner for safety purposes. Hard surfaces are risky because slips and falls are quite common in them, leading to severe injuries. For the safety of your family and guests, do put a carpet on the stair of your home.
  • If you are going to have busy stair traffic, consider high durability and thickness: Once your decision to get a carpet is final, you should focus on the quality and durability. Stairs happen to be the busiest area in your home, meaning there’ll be high traffic going up and down there. It is for two reasons. First, stairs are commonly used by everyone for going from one floor to another floor. Secondly, we tend to put greater force on flooring when descending due to gravity than we do while walking on surfaced floors. To avoid premature wearing out of your carpet, you should pay high attention to the durability and quality of the carpet. The quality of the carpet keeps it from becoming unsafe for a longer time period. The selection of a carpet also means an investment in the safety of your loved ones. You can get a quality carpet from any store of carpet Old Whittington including Billy’s Carpets.
  • The carpet should be thick, but too much of thickness is also bad: Remember, thickness and durability are not necessarily the same. A carpet may be thin, but still, it may last a lifetime. You can’t really measure the durability of a carpet from its thickness. Apart from having questionable durability, most thick carpets are also riskier to be placed on stairs. Thicker carpets tend to compromise the safety. A thick carpet wraps around the front edges of the stairs which can cause false footing and can eventually result in fatal injuries. In simpler words, the risk of falling is far greater with thicker carpets than with the thinner ones.
  • Choose the right material. Since stair carpets are meant to be most used and expected to last the longest, they must be made out of the perfect material if they are to serve the purpose. The most recommended carpet is wool carpet. These carpets have high durability, and they don’t flatten easily. Wool carpets are the best for placement in heavy footfall areas.

If you are ready to get a carpet for stair, Billy’s carpet shop old Whittington would help you in making the right choice about a stair carpet.

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