We place carpets in homes because we want our home to be a warm and welcoming place for us. But that’s not just enough. Carpets are meant to be kept clean and properly maintained. This is a task that could become even harder if you have pets in the house too.

There are numerous deals out there such as full house carpet deals Hollingwood by Billy’s Carpets that can give you the quality carpets to withstand hectic pet foot traffic.  But you still need to care for your carpets.

For homeowners, who have pets running around all over the carpets of their homes, this blog is meant for you. Here’s how you can keep your carpet clean with pets strolling about on it.

Deal with the pet hair on carpeting:

Make sure to vacuum the carpet a few times a week at full suction to get rid of pet hair. Using a vacuum with a high-efficiency particulate air filter would serve the purpose right.

Remove the dirt from the paws:

A lot of dirt and grimes transfers into the carpet from the dirty paws of the pet. Get your pets to clean their paws to restrict the damage inflicted upon high traffic pet areas.

You can place a towel near the entrance. Softly cleaning the pet’s paw as they enter will help reduce the dirt transfer into the carpet.

Give pets regular baths for an odour-less carpets:

What’s worse than a dirty carpet? A carpet with an insufferable odour! It is a fact that pets carry with them an odor that could pollute everything they come into contact with. Carpets may be affected from this too.

To avoid unpleasant smells arising from the carpet, you should give your pets baths on a regular basis. Proper bathing for pets may ensure that your carpet remains free of odour. The fresher the pets will be, the cleaner will be the carpets.

Clean the furniture too:

Vacuuming the furniture is crucial to maintaining a healthy and cleaner carpet. Even if your pets don’t get the furniture dirty, the dust may come flying through the air ditrying the furniture. And particles of dirt will eventually find their way to the carpet.

To avoid this from happening, the better idea is to vacuuming the furniture regularly. You should use vacuum both on floor and furniture. For better results, apply pet tool on carpets and drapes.

Don’t be surprised at accidents:

Accidents are routine. They’re normal and they can occur. Don’t be surprised at them. Even if your pet is trained, it may still surprise you with its cute violation! Removing the stains won’t be very difficult. All you need is a common pet stain remover for cleaning purposes. You can also use a simple handheld steam cleaner that alone can do wonders. But it is important to clean the mess as soon as possible.

Maintaining a carpet with a pet is not expensive. So if you want or already have Billy’s Carpets’ high quality cheap carpets Hollingwood at your home. You would want to make sure to observe the above-mentioned guidelines to keep the carpets clean from the pet’s dirt.

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