Dogs and carpets are not always likely to go together. Dogs can be messy. They can stain carpets too!

Besides providing best full house carpet deals Old Brampton, Billy’s Carpets recommend some important tips for dog owners. You can take benefit from them to avoid damage to your prestigious carpet flooring. So if you have furry friends in your home, here’s what you can do to protect your carpet against dogs.

Cleaner dog equals cleaner carpet

Keep bathing your dog regularly! It will help. Bathing a dog clears him of unpleasant odours which in turns helps carpet remain odourless. Also, brushing the dog is important if you don’t want any more pet hair appearing on your carpet.

Clean the paws

Let’s admit. Paw prints running all over your room aren’t a cute sight. They literally ruin the entire look of your place. Cleaning your dog’s paws every time he comes from outside will give you amazing results. It will considerably reduce the traffic dirt all around your home. You’d be doing your carpets a huge favour by cleaning the paws of your dog.

Try club soda to remove stains

Club soda serves as an excellent stain remover, albeit for smaller stains. If your carpet has had a little stain from your dog, you can remove that by applying club soda. The process is simple. Take the soda water and soak the stain into it. Use towels and blot (without rubbing). The stain will be gone shortly.

Regular Vacuuming

Vacuuming the carpet is the best way to keep all sorts of grimes and dust away from it. And that’s exactly you are recommended to do with a dog running around. Vacuuming is not only important for cleaning, but it has additional benefits too. Regular vacuuming is known to increase the life of the carpet.

To make sure that stains and grimes don’t last long on your carpet, keep vacuuming the place on a regular basis.

Feed your dog with natural and uncoloured food

Coloured dog food can seriously damage your carpet’s outlook. It leaves permanent marks that are nearly impossible to remove.

If the food backs up in the wrong way, the coloured dog food will literally spoil your carpet inexplicably. The only way to avoid these stains is feeding your dog colourless food. Keep checking that you exercise great caution in this regard.

Borax is always helpful!

If your carpet has been stained by something your dog did, you can do something about it definitely. Use Borax! However, remember that there’s a trick to using borax in order to prevent your carpet from getting damaged in presence of a house dog. Take a part of borax, and mix it with either two parts of baking soda or cornstarch. When the mixture is ready, use it to clear up the mess. Using borax-club soda combination is fairly easy. Just as you apply towel, apply the borax mixture to the stained area.

Do not spend an extravagant amount of money on the carpet when you have dogs running around. At Billy’s Carpets, you can find suitable and cheap carpets Old Brampton that will do a perfect job for you!

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