This guide about thick Saxony soft touch carpets will help you understand some key things about them and will clear many misconceptions that people have about the soft carpets.

At Billy’s Soft Carpets Chesterfield, we aim to help our customers with both knowledge and best Saxony carpet deals. And this article is aimed to provide you with knowledge.

So without further ado, let’s get started:

What are Thick Saxony Soft Touch Carpets?

Thick Saxony soft touch carpets are created using the twisted carpet fibred that stands up straight in cut loop pile style carpet. The densely woven fibers in a tight twist help create an incredibly soft surface of the carpet that provides superior underfoot comfort.

This ensures that your feet muscles stay relaxed and you feel like walking on a cloud. We have some of the best range of soft carpets Chesterfield with tons of affordable Saxony carpet deals that you can choose from.


While many different carpets are created with a range of different coloured and toned fibers, the thick Saxony soft touch carpets are typically created with the use of just one colour. This creates a dramatic and stunning appearance no matter which shade you choose.

Whether you go for a simplistic yet modern colour such as beige or gray or you choose a bold one, the Saxony carpets will look phenomenal in any room you put them. You can find a wide range of colours in Billy’s soft carpets Chesterfield.


Many people think that due to the softness of the Saxony carpets, they are not durable. Well, that is simply wrong. The reality is quite the opposite. The tight twists of fibers in the thick Saxony soft touch carpets make them incredibly durable.

This makes them suitable for use in the whole home. The thick pile of fibers not only make the carpet very tough to tear, but it also makes it incredibly soft to touch which is perfect for homes with a lot of foot traffic and babies as it will protect them from injuries if they fall.

You can find tons of Saxony carpet deals at Billy’s carpets that will be well-suited for you if you want to place a lavish and durable carpet in your home.


The Saxony carpets come in both textured and straight styles. Straight styled Saxony carpet looks and feels like velvet due to the uniformed fibers sitting in the same direction.

The textured style is also gaining popularity, especially in homes with families. Though it is not as soft as the straight ones, it is better in hiding vacuum marks and footprints.

Final Words:

So these are some things that you should know about the thick Saxony soft touch carpets. We hope this article has cleared some misconceptions about the Saxony carpets.

If you want to get one, you can always explore our range of affordable Saxony carpet deals to get the best soft carpets Chesterfield.

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