Carpets are important for the decoration of the house. Wherever they are meant to be placed, they add class and grace to that space. Their soft, warm and cosy material provide extraordinary comfort to the foot.

Carpets offer benefits that are way beyond just increasing the beauty and comfort of the house. They are excellent shock-absorbers. They withstand heavy coming and going foot traffic in a household, absorbing shocks arising out of the massive foot traffic. Carpets have an inbuilt noise cancellation effect. Because they are thick and dense, carpets’ fibres excellently absorb all kinds of noises. For those facing echo problems in the rooms, you can get rid of echoing by placing a good material carpet on the floor.

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How do you pick the suitable carpets for your place?

Your budget, design preferences, material, lifestyle, everything plays a crucial role in shaping your decision about a carpet. Billy’s Carpets Pollsbrook has an endless variety from every aspect. For those that are concerned about the budget, you can find carpets ranging from your minimum to highest budget scale.

There are a plethora of sleek textured, patterned, and well-designed carpets. If style is what you are after. From one end to another end in a market, you will find plenty of carpets featuring incredibly creative designs. So much so, that the choice will feel like a huge responsibility.

An important consideration to bear in mind when selecting a carpet is your personal lifestyle. What kind of activities occurs in your house daily? What’s the routine of foot traffic in your house? Whether or not you have kids and pets running around? All of these will combine to influence your choice of the carpet. It is the most important thing to remember. Every other thing including carpet design, material, and texture would depend on this decision.  

Is something else needed in addition to a carpet?

Most of the times, a carpet perfectly serves as a stand-alone piece of decoration. However, there is something else you can place beneath your carpet to make it safer and more secure. That’s called a carpet underlay.

This is a made up thin layer of cushioning that provides strength to the carpet against risks of wear and tear. As implied by the name, a carpet underlay is placed beneath a carpet. It ensures protection from the carpet’s bottom side.

Although some consider carpet underlayment to be optional yet, it is highly advised that you think of it as something integral.

Carpet underlayment provides a lot of benefits in terms of improving and increasing the lifespan of the carpet. According to one statistic, an underlayment can increase the life of a carpet from 30 to 50 percent! Yes! That’s a wow.

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