A carpet underlay is made up of a thin layer of cushioning that consists of materials such as sponge rubber, foam, or felt. Once ready, this material is placed under a carpet for the purpose of adding comfort to it. A carpet underlay also softens the feel of the carpet underfoot, giving you a more relaxing and soothing experience. Billy’s Carpets Barlow may or may not require an underlayment due to our superior quality of carpets.

Nonetheless, it is important to understand what exactly is a carpet underlay? What does it do? Why do you add it? And most important, how do you realise whether you need one or not?

Why do you need an underlay?

Some people believe that underlay is an integral component of carpeting. It contributes towards enhancing the feel and looks of the flooring. Underlayment increases the durability of the carpet flooring and helps it retain the look in the longer run.

The right underlay will eventually increase the comfort level of your carpet flooring. Another additional benefit is that the underlayment will likely increase the lifespan of the carpet by a whopping 30% to 50%! Unbelievable, right?

While some people base their decision depending on the kind of bottom their carpets have, others believe that underlayment is relevant under all circumstances.

Multiple benefits associated with an underlay

Underlayment offers a plethora of benefits and advantages. All of these benefits combine to add to the beauty, grace, and durability of your carpet. The underlay is an excellent shock absorber. It provides strong protection against comings and goings of a normal household which ensures durability and fresh feel to your flooring.

Contrary to popular belief, old underlays are more prone to wear and tear than the new ones. If you have busy household traffic, it would be better to buy a new underlay. Older ones cause ridges and make flooring to be uneven.

As it gets older, an underlay will naturally gather dirt and dust. You will want to replace an underlay with a one at the time you install a new carpet.

An underlay is a perfect preserver of energy. It provides an incredible insulation effect for your room depending on its thickness and density. It prevents the loss of heat through flooring thereby saving the energy.

Finding the right underlay

First thing, you shouldn’t see underlay as something optional. Take it seriously and consider an underlay as the integral component of the carpet. The best part is the Billy’s carpet deals Barlow also include underlays in a huge variety of styles and colours, you can find one by minding a few things.

For example, the material of the carpet is crucial to the choice of a right underlay. Some carpets have light material used on their bottom, making the placement of an underlay essential.

Second, another important element to consider is your personal routine and lifestyle. For a busy household with kids and pets, you may want to select a stronger, more durable underlay.

Billy’s Carpet shop Barlow offers underlays in all shapes and sizes. So finding an underlay that fits your carpet perfectly won’t be an issue.

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