Decorating a house is a process that requires patience and careful thinking at every step. As this is a one-time engagement, you would want everything to go smooth and perfect. It’s understandable.

Carpeting is a significant part of the decoration. You put in a lot of thoughts and idea ensuring that it gets done the right way. Apart from carpet design, and colour, the pressing question arises if you really need to employ an underlay for your carpet?

Carpet underlayment refers to a thin cushioning layer that is placed under a carpet to increase the comfort and softness of the carpet. Whether or not you should get an underlay depends on your personal choice. You can find an expert solution on this at Billy’s carpet shop Calow.

In the following lines, you will learn why and how to put an underlayment beneath your carpet.

Consider the type of finishing your carpet has

Carpets are made out of different materials and fibres. Whether you need an underlayment or not shall be determined by the kind of fabric applied on the bottom of your carpet. For example, if you have a carpet that has a textile or latex backing, it will definitely need an underlay to prevent its surface from becoming uneven. On the other hands, carpets with a felt or foam backing do not necessarily require an underlayment beneath them.

The first thing to check for is the fabric used at the back of your carpet. Any decision you take will be based on this.

Are you looking to prevent energy wastage?

Carpet underlayment offers certain advantages. It protects your carpet from premature wear and tears and adds extra comfort to it. Another important benefit to stem from underlayment is insulation. This effect helps prevent the wastage of energy. Because it is thick and dense, an underlay maintains the energy by restraining the loss of heat from the carpet.

Do you want a sound-proof space?

Carpets themselves are excellent absorbers of noise. Their thick and dense texture readily absorbs the maximum noise. You won’t find an echoing problem with a well-carpeted room. Installing an underlay beneath your carpet would excellently reduce the noise arising from footsteps. An underlayment absorbs the footstep impact, reducing noise and making the space more calm and peaceful. The denser the underlayment will be, the lesser will be the noise.

Do you need underlayment if you have underfloor heating?

No, in such a case you don’t need a carpet underlayment. On a floor with a pre-installed underfloor heating system, a carpet underlayment is likely to have the reverse effect.

The underlayment will prevent the warmth emitting out of the underfloor heating system through the carpet.

If you are still confused, you can ask for help from professionals at Billy’s Carpets as they provide various carpet deals Calow and helping with underlays is part of the deals.

Underlayment for carpets serves as a compliment to the carpet. It may or may not be needed depending on the particular situation of your household. Nonetheless, you can get better advice by consulting a professionals at Billy’s Carpets Calow.

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